How to Decorate Your Wedding Tent Like a Professional

Renting a wedding tent is a great choice for an outdoor wedding. It protects your guests from elements like sun and rain while giving them an attractive space to mingle, eat and dance in. Of course, you don’t want to leave your tent plain and unadorned, do you? Here’s how to decorate your wedding tent like a pro.

Decorate the poles

Your tent poles are more than a source of support—they’re also an opportunity for decoration! Dress them up by wrapping garlands of greenery or flowers around them. For a sparkly twist you could use LED lights.

Line the sidewalls

Use pretty fabric or some of that greenery we mentioned to line the sidewalls of your tent. Though elegant already, the walls will give you a beautiful canvas to show off your theme.

Add a chandelier

Why not? Get extra classy with a sparkly ceiling centerpiece to complement your table centerpieces below.

Use flowers creatively

Decorated Wedding Tent in TennesseeTry hanging flowers from the ceiling for an unexpected look or incorporate them along the walls or on the poles of your tent.

Pick your palette

Decorate the tent with flowers, pennants and fabric in your wedding colors. Since the wedding is outdoors, try seasonal colors, like pink and lilac for spring, or warm wine and orange tones for fall.

Embrace the outdoors

A tent gives your wedding a rustic feel. Try themes that play this up, like a Tuscan vineyard theme or a ranch theme.

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