How to Choose the Right Dance Floor for Your Wedding?

If you’re ever attended a wedding, you know that a large portion of the night is dedicated to singing and dancing with your guests. Weddings allow everyone to show off their best dance moves. For your guests to show off their moves, you’ll first have to provide a dance floor.

If your venue doesn’t already come with a dance floor, there are several things you’ll need to consider. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself before renting just any dance floor.

Popular Dance Floor Choices for Weddings

How Many Guests Are Attending Your Wedding? 

You never want a dance floor that’s too small and cramped, but you also won’t want a dance floor that’s too large and bare. Before ordering your dance floor, have an estimate of how many guests will be attending your wedding.

Odds are, not everyone will be dancing at the same time at your wedding. So there is no need to find a dance floor that will accompany all of your guests. To get your best estimate, always as a professional for their advice.

Where Will You Place Your Dance Floor? 

Now that you know the size of your dance floor, the next step is deciding where to put it. If you’re having an outdoor event, you’re going to want to place your dance floor on a flat surface. This can get tricky when you’re having a reception on grass or sand. Make sure you are scoping out the area carefully before you lay down the flooring.

What Style Flooring Will Complement Your Wedding? 

Now it’s time for the fun part, choosing the design of the flooring! At Action Tents, the most popular wedding dance floor designs selected by couples are marble or wooden dance floors. If you’re looking for a more elegant look, marble dance floors add a beautiful touch to your reception.

However, if you’re having a more rustic-style reception, wood flooring would match perfectly with your scheme. Plus, guests prefer to dance on wooden floors because they flex more, and are easier on the feet and knees.  

Ask A Professional For Advice 

If you have an outdoor wedding, don’t hesitate to contact Action Tents for our expert opinions. We will help you estimate the size of your dance floor and provide you with highly durable and sturdy options. Without a dance floor, there is no party, so give us a call at 931-359-0024 today!