How to Choose the Right Centerpiece for Your Wedding Reception

Your centerpieces will be one of the main focal points at your wedding, second to the bride of course! Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your table décor.

The type and size of table you choose for your wedding reception will play a huge role in determining the perfect centerpiece for your big day.

Tips for Picking a Table CenterpieceHave you ever attended a wedding and have been overwhelmed by a large centerpiece in the middle of a smaller table? How often have you tried to have a normal conversation with someone at the same table as you, but had to lean over to see around the décor? To avoid forcing your guests to deal with these problems, you should take into consideration the size of your reception tables and how many guests will be seated at each.

Round tables at a reception, no matter the size, should only hold one centerpiece each. However, you can tie the design together by featuring the centerpiece in other areas of your venue. If you plan on using rectangular, or banquet style tables, then you can experiment with a few “centerpieces” per table. Ultimately, the size of your centerpieces should complement the size of your tables.

Once you have determined the technical requirements of your centerpieces, it’s time to focus on the style or theme.

Do you want a uniform look across your wedding or do you want to show some variety? The answer to that question will help you determine the perfect style of centerpiece for your reception. If your wedding has a theme, then choosing a centerpiece will be an easier process since it’s one of the main elements to showcase your theme.

Also take into account the seasonal elements if choosing to include live plants or organic material in your centerpieces. Research the different flowers that are in season in order to obtain the freshest materials for your centerpieces and bouquet!

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