How Different Tent Options can Improve Your Outdoor Event

A tent is more than just a tent when it comes to your event. A tent has to look pleasing to the eye, and depending on your event and your budget, it can feature several “add-ons” to make it a more luxurious, comfortable place to party.

First up, most people have seen white tents. Did you know that clear-top tents also exist? These work well for evening events. Also, not every tent comes with walls, but if the weather’s going to be a little chilly, you might consider paying a little extra to rent a tent with solid, clear or window walls to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Next, it’s important to consider the floor of your tent. Carpet on the ground is not a good option. While you can “get away with” having guests walk on the concrete of a parking lot under a roof, or the grass, there’s always the option of bringing in actual flooring for your tent.

Action Tents of Tennessee, for instance, rents durable, sturdy flooring that people can dance on. There’s the more traditional wood finish look, or the more modern marble style flooring—both of which have proved to be popular with wedding receptions in particular.

Finally, consider lighting for your tent. It wouldn’t make sense to have a tent without any form of lighting, since guests wouldn’t be able to see each other, the food, or where they were going! Ask your tent rental company what kind of lighting they can provide—usually they’ll have access to stage lighting with color gels.

Tents are like indoor rooms that happen to be outside, so there are several “extras” you can add to make the event experience as nice as possible. Contact Action Tents today to find out what extras they offer with their tents.