Hosting An Unforgettable Outdoor Party For Your Child

A child’s birthday is a big deal, and parents only have so many years to throw a special celebration before their child “outgrows” the attention. Birthday parties can range from themed events to laid-back affairs with just the basics. One of the best places to host a birthday party is outdoors where you have ample space and messes are no big deal.

Some ideas for outdoor party entertainment include:

  • A bounce house – Licensed bounce inflatable companies provide a variety of party inflatables. Bounce houses can accommodate a number of children and provide plenty of bouncing entertainment!
  • Pony rides – A pony is a cuter version of a horse, which kids will gravitate towards. The pony can be brought to your event location. With a professional, the children will be able to delight in a personal pony ride!
  • Petting zoos – A typical petting zoo would include animals like goats, a donkey and a pony. From chubby little fingers, the animals will feast on food as family and friends watch their children squeal from excitement.
  • Circus acts – Clowns are a guaranteed crowd pleasure. With silly tricks and bizarre costumes, the little ones of the party are sure to laugh and cheer as the clown performs unique tricks.
  • Magic shows – Children are attracted to surprise. Magicians know just what kinds of tricks are sure to surprise the littlest of party guests.
  • Water fun – If you’re planning an outdoor summer party, water balloons, squirts and sprinklers are guaranteed party pleasers. Don’t be surprised if the oldest party guests join in to have some fun and cool down.

Don’t let the weather put a damper on your child’s birthday party. Renting a tent is a guaranteed way of waterproofing the event. At Action Tents, we provide a variety of tent styles ranging in size from 15×15 to 30×50.

If weather is a definite concern, you can choose to rent a tent that has sides to enclose the guests inside.

Plus, we rent tables and chairs in large quantities. Convenience is our priority and this is why we offer the major components you’ll need to make your child’s outdoor party a success.

Posted by: Action Tents