Hosting an Outdoor Sports Banquet

A dedicated athlete never stops moving, never stops practicing, even in the down season. This could be said for high school fall and winter sports as well. Even as the season winds down during what we would consider the winter months, the itching for a huddle never wanes. Why not try something different by hosting an end-of-season celebration outdoors? Better yet, why not host a spirited team celebration just because?

Whether your season is just starting or coming to an end, you can raise the morale of your high school sports team by hosting an outdoor season celebration. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Consider the Crowd

Your team is probably use to eating on-the-fly, in-between car rides to, from, and right before a game, so eating is probably not always a planned, sit-down experience for them. This works in your favor, though, because that means you can keep the food simple: for protein, opt for mini burger sliders, or, go with the tried

Hosting an Outdoor Sports Banquet

and true pizza party idea. Just keep in mind that if you’re hosting a party outdoors, you’ll want to provide utensils and plates that are easy grabs. Paper and plastic is probably the easiest route to go, and central seating is absolutely essential in communicating to your team is never sidelined. Also, if you’re renting a tent, keep in mind that it will shelter your grub, but only to an extent. Make sure the food is covered at all times!

Get Creative with Awarding

Keep in mind that the banquet is about the team, and the value that each player contributes to its functioning. Whether the season was dry or full of leaps and bounds, you can prepare your speech ahead of time and highlight the best moments. Before you get into the speech making, you could have your team engage in a lighthearted bonding activity. Anonymously have each player write something positive about when of their fellow teammates, and have them leave it under their plates. This requires the planning of place settings ahead of time, which will bring some organization to your event. For this, you can use rented tables and chairs.

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