Hold an Outdoor Event this Spring with Action Tents

Tents With spring just around the corner, many more people will be holding outdoor events for their groups and organizations. However, despite planning the event perfectly, you can’t plan for the weather to always cooperate. Be prepared for whatever Mother Nature might throw at you this spring by renting a tent for your event from Action Tents.

Springtime is when many church congregations, community organizations and local charity groups head outside for numerous different functions such as carnivals and fundraisers. The combination of warm weather and the potential for a good time draws a large crowd to these occasions and often makes them very successful. Spring weather can change in an instant and where one moment the sun can be shining, the next moment the sky is dark and rain is falling in buckets.

With a tent from Action Tents, your visitors and guests will have a place to take shelter and keep dry while the storm passes. In addition, by having some of the games and attractions under the tents, people can keep playing while the rain runs its course. No sign of clearing in the forecast? Having a tent will allow you to keep your event running as planned even if it rains the whole weekend your event or festival is taking place.

The upcoming season is also when many companies head out and hold events that include some physical activity. Whether it’s an Easter egg race, a 5K or another event, combining your outdoor activity with high temperatures in the late spring or early summer could result in some attendees feeling a little overheated. By having a tent or multiple tents at your event, you can offer contenders a place to go and cool down when they are feeling spent.

If you’re in need of a tent for your upcoming spring event, let Action Tents help. We have pole tents and frame tents available, allowing you to choose the tent or tents that are perfect for your occasion. For more information or to rent a tent from us, call Action Tents today at 931-359-0024!