Heat Up The Links This Off-season

People love golfing. It’s as simple as that. People will golf in any condition in any terrain in any surface in any time of year.

Why not winter golfing as well?

As long as it is not too windy or too snowy there’s no reason you cannot find a sunny day to enjoy a round of golf.

Golf is not just recreational, however; many business deals are discussed and sealed over a game of golf so it is important for businesses to have the ability to set up tee times during the winter as well.

The problem is other than a clubhouse at the beginning of the course there’s not much warmth or shelter to be had out on the golf course.

So besides wearing many hand and feet warmers and blasting the heat in the golf carts, how you can stay warm while still playing golf?

The answer is tents!

Setting up tents along the course far enough off that it won’t affect the game but close enough that you can go over and quickly warm up is a solution that would make everyone happy. The tents can be heated and provide golfers with a warm snack, a warm drink, or even a refill on hand warmers.

Not to mention tents would be good to have in case of a quick rain shower and you don’t want to go all the way back to the clubhouse.

Our professionals at Action Tents are reliable and knowledgeable about all types of tents, and we will make sure that your winter golf outings are a blast! A blast of warm air that is…