Have An Outdoor Dog Show, Rent A Tent

Dogs are great; mostly everyone loves having a dog or at least playing with one. And who doesn’t enjoy flipping on the dog show for a few minutes while the Lions get blown out during the first Thanksgiving football game?

While it may not be the National Dog Show you see annually on TV there are still plenty of dog shows that go on throughout the year and not all of them are inside…

Yes, having a dog show outside is a fun way to spend a day for participants and fans alike. Of course you can’t just have dogs and viewers sweating outside in the heat or getting rained on, so you need something overhead to protect them.

You would need one tent for a practice or pre show area for the dogs to hang out in until it is time to go on. Then you of course would need a tent to go over the show arena as well as one for a possible human food stand or two.

This something would be a tent from Action Tents.

The nice thing about Action Tents rental tents is that, like dogs, they come in all shapes and sizes. Need a big tent for the main arena? Action Tents has it covered with the large 60ft x 120ft pole tent, if it can comfortably fit 750-1000 people then it can definitely fit a whole lot of dogs and people. If you need a smaller tent Action Tents offers the 30ft x 50ft pole tent that fits 80-175 people.

Dog shows can be a ton of fun to participate in and to watch and the great products at Action Tents will make sure you have a doggone good time at the show! Located near Franklin, Tennessee, we are a family operated establishment that many couples and business owners have counted on for tent, table, chair, and linen rentals. For more information, contact us today!