Have An Outdoor Classroom Event Under A Tent

Before the weather starts to get too cold it’s always a good idea to take a class outside to get out of the stuffy environment of the classroom.

Having a class outside is a great way to engage students and create a different style in which to learn.

Of course, having a tent overhead while teaching your class is the best way to make sure the class stays dry from any unwanted weather changes and stays focused on what’s going on without getting distracted by other factors.

According to Mary Ellen Flannery of the National Education Association, learning outside is good for kids because “it also can inspire students’ writing or illustrate a math concept — and it’s an excellent incentive for better behavior.”

While electronics and computers are an incredibly helpful resource and something that is absolutely part of the present and future and will help kids considerably it is nice to get away from it all sometimes.

Learning outside can be a more practical environment.

Seeing lessons through your own eyes and not just on a computer screen is something there is no substitute for and will undoubtedly improve your learning experience.

As a teacher, there’s no doubt you have enough to worry about creating a lesson plan and trying to make your learning style as friendly as possible.

Take care of that and let Action Tents take care of housing your class while your outside.

Because there’s no doubt that combining a tent from Action Tents and a great learning environment can truly create a day to remember for young kids. Contact us today!