Guidelines for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Planning a wedding outdoors? Action Tents can supply the proper coverage, in the form of tents, so your guests don’t have to worry too much about inclement weather or overbearing sunshine.

Besides wind, rain, and even occasional flurries (depending on the time of the year), you should consider many things when planning an outdoor wedding.

First off, what time of year would you like to have your wedding? If it’s a summer wedding, chances are it’ll be very hot outside, so you’ll need shaded areas for the ceremony and reception. Tents, fans, and lots of water for your guests to drink will be important. You’ll also have to have bags or beds of ice to keep you food chilled so it doesn’t spoil.

If the weather gets “too crazy” the day of your event, have a back-up plan. For instance, you may want to choose your reception location based on the fact that there’s an indoor room to accommodate you and your guests should the outdoor weather become dreadfully awful. Or, take a chance and use large-enough tents to fit everybody at the party under tent cover should there be a deluge of water from the sky.

Other practical things to consider include things like walkways (is the terrain even and accessible to all guests, including those with wheelchairs or walkers?), lighting (if the party continues after dark, will guests be fumbling in the dark or are there light sources around so no one gets hurt?), and restrooms.

Have you ever been to an outdoor wedding where no restroom was around? Not a good time! It’s vital to rent port-a-potties should you have a wedding in a setting far removed from normal restroom facilities. The restrooms/port-a-potties should be far enough away from the wedding party so people won’t have to wonder “what’s that awful smell?” but close enough so they can be seen, so people know where to go when they need to do their business.

Bugs and mosquitoes can be an annoying nuisance, so you’ll want to check and see if your ideal outdoor spot is prone to them at the hour(s) you’d be there for the event. Birds and small animals could also be a concern.

One last thing to think about when planning an outdoor wedding is the direction of the sun at the date and time of the event. Have you ever been to a wedding where the sun was blinding you and/or beating down on you, making you sweat like a pig? Not fun. Action Tents reminds you to utilize tents to provide shade.

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