Get the Tents You Need for a Fall Festival

Can you believe that the summer is nearly over? That means it’s time to start thinking about your fall festivals and other celebrations.

Planning a fall festival requires a lot of planning. Whether you’re planning to celebrate the season with a fall-themed block party, hosting a seasonal corporate event, or are throwing a Halloween soirée, you need to make sure the food, entertainment, decorations and guest list is all taken care of. But one thing you definitely can’t forget are the tents.

Pole Tent Rentals in TNWhether you’re holding an event for a small group of people, like a private party or celebration, or hosting a larger event, like one for your town or greater community, having tents is vital. A tent ensures that your guests will have a cool, dry spot to hang out, no matter what Mother Nature decides to dish out during the day of the party.

If the sun is beating down and it’s way too hot for your guests to spend time outside, they can soak up some shade while they have a snack in the tent. If it rains, your guests can still enjoy the fall festivities that you have planned underneath the dry tent!

Depending on your party size, Action Tents has a couple of options for you. Our frame tent rentals can accommodate large or small parties, and tend to be a little bit more adaptable to inclement weather. Since these tents don’t have a center pole, they’re perfect for events where dancing is encouraged- and we can even provide the dance floor! They also have sides, which can help enclose the space or block heavy winds or rains of the weather is severe on the day of your event.

Our pole tent rentals are quite large, and have more of a laid back, backyard vibe. Since these tents don’t have sides, they make for great additions to very large events so that guests can easily move in and out, creating a seamless flow for all in attendance.

For more information on our tent options and products, or to place your rental order today, give us a call at 931-359-0024.