Four Tips for Picking Out Your Wedding Flowers

From bouquets, to aisle décor, to your unique centerpieces, flowers are one of the most important factors in bringing the look of your wedding together. Here are a few tips to help you create a beautiful and fragrant vision on your wedding day!

Bride holding bouquet of flowersFind the right florist for you

Just like flowers, no two florists are the same. They will have their own techniques and styles that you’ll need to research before deciding on your wedding florist. Make sure that your personalities click and that their specific style reflects your overall vision for your wedding.

Know and show your inspiration

You can’t create your vision if you don’t have a vision to begin with. That’s why finding ideas and inspiration for your flowers is key and proves beneficial when planning with your florist. Be sure to discuss texture, style, and colors with your florist and it never hurts to bring visuals. Images will be able to explain what your vision is better than words ever could.

Be wary of your budget

Like you’re not already very aware of the effects your wedding is having on your finances. However, the price for your wedding flowers will most likely shock you even if you are expecting it. Just plan to spend at least 10 percent of your wedding budget on décor, and that includes your floral decorations.

Factor in the style of your venue

You’ve been dreaming about your wedding day ever since you were little, or at least ever since you became engaged, so you already have an idea of the place you’ll want to say the words “I do” in. Since your venue is already booked, use your venue as inspiration as well!

You take care of the flowers and Action Tents will take care of the rest! We have everything you need to make your wedding day special, from tent rentals to tables and chairs. Contact us to learn more about our various party rentals and receive a quote today!