Fall 2017 Expected Wedding Trends

Planning a Fall WeddingAlthough summer is probably the busiest “wedding season,” fall is certainly a close second. A lot of couples choose to get married during the fall months as a result of cooler temperatures.

If you’re getting married in the fall of 2017, consider incorporating some of these expected fall wedding trends.

High Neckline Gowns
Brides that are getting married this fall seem to be going with high neckline bridal gowns. These gowns provide brides with a bit more coverage which is ideal for cooler weather weddings, especially if they are outdoors. Many of these gowns consist of lace which offers the brides a feminine, soft feel while creating a strong and confident overall appearance.

Fall Weddings in General
Believe it or not, couples getting married in the fall is actually a 2017 trend in itself. Many couples are now choosing to do “off-season” weddings and starting to get married in months outside of the spring and summer. In fact, 2107 is likely going to see the most fall weddings yet. Couples are “daring to be different” by getting married in outside of May through August.

Golds and Maroons

Many weddings are often decorated with light pinks and bright whites, but fall weddings often have color trends of their own. From elegant golds to rich purples and maroons, brides are committing to darker, seasonal colors. Maroon bridesmaids dresses paired with gold accents are sure to serve as a stunning detail. Consider sprinkling gold accents among centerpieces, place cards, and so forth.

Seasonal Flowers

If you’re planning a fall wedding and you’re still deciding on flowers, consider going with flowers that are in season. Flowers that are in season are typically fresh, vibrant, and even more affordable.  Flowers such as goldenrods, mums, and sunflowers are in season and can make a beautiful bridal bouquet. By using in season flowers, you’ll be picking up natural colors as the season changes.

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