Event Planning Tips

Events are a fun way to bring people together. That said, a good event takes proper planning, often weeks or even months in advance. Here are some basic questions to ask yourself when planning an event:

  • What is the purpose of the event?
  • Where will it take place?
  • How will I let people know about it? Facebook? Email? Postcards in the mail?
  • How many people will probably show up? Will they be seated or standing when they do?
  • Is there something major going on in town the same day or night of my event that would mean less people would attend?
  • Will I provide food and drinks, or will my guests bring them? Will it be potluck or buffet-style, or a sit-down event?
  • How much do I want to spend, overall, on this event?
  • How long do I want this event to last? An hour? A whole day?
  • What other things will this event need to be successful, like a band, a bartender, or a tent?

If you’re thinking of having an outdoor event any time of the year, it’s a smart idea to plan ahead and rent a tent or two. You don’t want your guests getting rained on!

Action Tents of Tennessee has all sorts of event tents available. When couples plan their wedding in Lewisburg, Nashville and the surrounding areas Action Tents is usually the company they call months in advance to help with the logistics of it all. Action Tents can not only supply tents for events, but tables, chairs and linens.

An outdoor event is not complete without a tent. From cocktail parties to dinners, Action Tents is a good company to connect with if you’re planning an outdoor event in Tennessee.

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