Decoration Ideas for Wedding Tents: Pole Tents

When you choose to go with a pole tent for your outdoor wedding nuptials or reception, you are immediately met with the challenge of turning the poles from an eye sore to blending in with the theme and color scheme of the wedding.

If you’re going with classic white for the draping, it will probably be pretty simple to have the poles blend in. One thing to remember when setting up tables is to place them around the poles so they don’t seem to be in the way. Let’s be honest here, nobody wants to run into a pole or stub their toe at a wedding!

Here is an example from The Knot, in our opinion, how poles were blended in nicely, with the tables placed around them appropriately:


This is a great idea to utilize when renting an Action Tent pole tent. Not only will it make it easier for your guests to get around, it also eliminates choosing the best decorations to fit on or around the poles.

Alternately, using the poles as a means of decorating can also work. Try wrapping lights around the poles for a night wedding. This will lend a romantic feel to the room, while utilizing the poles in a way that will add to the ambiance of your wedding or event. This idea could even be great for a holiday wedding or party!

However you decide to decorate your pole tent for your wedding or other special event, there are a variety of decorations and tricks you can employ to transform a regular old tent, into the venue of your dreams. From added lighting to draping fabric and other accessories, a tent rental offers a unique, organic setting.

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