Decorating Rental Chairs for Wedding

Wedding Chair RentalsIf you’re planning a wedding, you’re in the midst of figuring out a lot of details from napkin colors to entrance music. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you’re probably looking to rent tables, chairs, and tents.

Here at Action Tents, we offer a few different options for chair rentals for the big day in a variety of colors and styles.

Although our rental chairs are practical, you can decorate them to help them better suite your wedding theme décor. Read on for some creative suggestions on how best to decorate your rental chairs for your wedding.

The easiest thing you can do to start is to place a simple sash in your wedding color on the chair. You can drape the sash over the entire chair or simply tie it around the back. No matter how you incorporate it, a pretty sash in your colors will tie the chairs into the ceremony and make the chairs more customized.

If you’d like to incorporate flowers, hang a small bouquet or gathering of flowers from the corners of the chairs that line the aisles. Your flower girl won’t have to work as hard to cover the aisle with petals and your guests will take note of a simple, romantic touch.

For a super elegant detail, hang photographs of the husband and wife to-be off of the chairs or of people attending the wedding with the bride and groom. Guests can get to know one another by sharing their stories and memories of the couple.

Seat cushions are a simple way to upgrade your rental chairs: you can simply order or rent cushions and place them on the chairs before the wedding ceremony. Guests will appreciate a touch of comfort, and your chairs will look softer.

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