Creative Decorations For Your Wedding Tent

Celebrating your wedding day under a beautiful white tent is becoming very popular among engaged couples. Tents are now more universal than ever before. You can use a wedding tent in a variety of climate conditions and in conjunction with a building reception venue that is nearby.

Wedding tents allow you to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area as well as provide coverage and comfort for you and your guests. Wedding tents are large enough to eat, toast, mingle, and dance underneath.

A tent is an open canvas as far as decorating goes.

The tent itself is beautiful, but you can do a lot with decorating and sprucing up your wedding tent.

Some tents come with sides that can be tied back softly with colored ribbon for a subtle, yet romantic effect. As the day winds down, the sides can be untied to control the temperature inside of the light.

Tents also look wonderful when illuminated by twinkling lights. Clear white Christmas lights will provide a soft and intimate ambience as well as just enough light inside. You can also use colored lights on the outside perimeter for an interesting setting.

Flowers, flowers, flowers!

Tents have plenty of open space where you can situate large floor vases of greenery as well as floral arrangements. Rather than tying back the sides with ribbon, you can do so with a free flowing floral arrangement.

Chandeliers and lanterns look magical hung from the top of the tent. Both chandeliers and lanterns can complement the classic look as well as rustic.

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