Creating a Nature Themed Wedding

Creating a Nature Themed WeddingPlanning a wedding and hoping to tie in the great outdoors? Consider having a themed nature wedding!

Nature themed weddings are romantic and whimsical, filled with greenery, natural elements, and simple touches.

Choose Location Carefully

You’ve probably heard before that location is everything, and that rule applies for outdoor weddings as well. If you really want to have a nature themed wedding, consider having it outside. Find a spot that is filled with tall trees, blooming flowers, running water, and so forth. You won’t need to invest in a lot of decorations when your setting itself is stunning.

Find Your Perfect View

If you live in an area that has breathtaking landscape, such as mountains or beaches, use them to your advantage. If you have a backdrop that you don’t need to create, use it! Your pictures are guaranteed to be gorgeous.

If you have forest landscape, consider decorating tree stumps with candles. Hang pictures from tree branches, serve s’mores after dinner, and offer wildflower seeds as a wedding favor. If you’re going with a beach landscape, your options are endless as well!  Think shades of blue, delicious seafood, and flowing dresses.

Incorporate Outdoor Elements

If you’re hosting a wedding outdoors, it only makes sense to incorporate nature wherever you can. For example, consider using seasonal wildflowers and greenery into your bouquets or centerpieces. Consider painting the seating chart onto refurbished wood as a unique and simple touch.

Reserve Your Rentals

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, you’re going to need to tents, chairs, tables, and more. Action Tents has a variety of tent rentals available make your wedding and your guests comfortable. Contact us today.