Company Picnics Are Perfect Events For A Tent

It’s always nice when your work place shows appreciation for you, the employees. And having a day outside for a company picnic is a popular way for workplaces to show their employees just how much they care.

A day outside, free from work and stress is a great way to relax and take some time to breathe. Unfortunately companies are still on strict schedules and thus can only have one day to choose from for a company picnic. That means rain or snow, sunny or cloudy; they’ll be holding this event.

Obviously in this case the company needs to plan ahead. What if the weather is bad?

Well the answer to that is very clear: Action Tents! With a tent from Action Tents companies no longer need to worry about the weather and just focus on making a fun, rewarding and relaxing day off for their employees.

Because there are different sized companies, Action Tents has different sized tents! Everything from the big time companies with lots of employees to the small businesses with only a couple dozen people Action Tents will make sure you have a day to remember. Tents range in size from the 30ft x 30ft pole tent that can fit up to 64 guests, to the 60ft x 120ft pole tent capable of fitting anywhere from 400 to 1000 people.

So no matter what the size of the event, no matter what the goings on at the event are and no matter the weather, Action Tents will make sure you have the best employee picnic and celebration you can! Contact us today!