Clever Ways to Get Your Guests Mixing and Mingling

Wedding Planning TipsWeddings aren’t just a big day for the bride and groom. Guests also spend a lot of time and often, money, planning and preparing for a wedding. Your wedding preparations can be the difference between your guests counting down the hours until they can head home, and wishing the night wouldn’t end.

It’s important to help your wedding guests build connections to make sure that everybody has a great time.

Bride and Groom Trivia

How about some ice breakers to help your guests get comfortable with each other in the early stages of the party? Start with the obvious common ground – the bride and groom! Work up some “Happy Couple” trivia questions on the ceremony programs, on some crossword puzzles or on some cocktail napkins to help get your guests talking.

Tips for introverts

For some of us, weddings are exciting – a great time to get out and have a good time! They typically consist of loud music, large groups of people, dancing, and conversation! However, for people that are typically more introverted, attending weddings can be pretty draining. Consider putting “busy games” on your tables such as a wedding day themed deck of cards to encourage guests to play a few games. These types of games will help ensure your introverted guests have an ideal environment to foster conversation the way they prefer – among smaller groups.

Keep Guests Moving

A popular trend right now is to provide activities beyond the typical dinner, cake, and drinks at the reception. Think outside the box and imagine the kinds of stations you could create to get your guests mixing and mingling, talking and laughing. How about a DIY mini pizza bar? A candy bar is sure to foster some positive connections among your guests. Lounge areas with a sofa and maybe a fireplace could make another great niche for your introverted guests. Simple game tables with popular hits like puzzles, checkers, and chess, are all great ways to give your guests things to do and get them talking.

Just a little bit of forethought can make a huge difference for your guests. These people who have loved and supported you along your own journey will be thankful for the effort you put into giving them a pleasant, memorable experience.

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