Choosing Between a Frame Tent and Pole Tent Rental

If you’ve chosen to hold your wedding reception or event outdoors, you’ve made a bold but exciting choice. We’ve mentioned in previous blog posts the benefits of holding an outdoor event or wedding ceremony, but now we’d like to help you in deciding what kind of tent you should rent for these special occasions.

Choosing Between a Frame Tent and Pole Tent Rental

Pole Tent Rental

A pole tent is aesthetically designed to be driven into grassy areas, and is usually not staked into a hard surface like concrete or asphalt. The tent will include one middle pole for support. A lot of event organizers like to dress up this pole with flowers, vines, and party décor. The pole lifts the appearance of the tent, giving shape in the form of dips and peaks, and making it a popular choice among wedding planners and large charity organizers.

Frame Tent Rental

A frame tent does not come with a center pole, and so it can be set up on many more surfaces, including grass, concrete, and even decks. A frame tent is a tad bit roomier with the absence of the pole, so you won’t have to plan around this structure at all. Like the pole tent, people prefer these tents for weddings as well; it just depends on the space available, ground surface, and the look you’re going for.

Are there specific size requirements for your event space? Visit our products page and learn more about the details of our frame tent and pole tent rental options.