Checklist for Guests Attending Outdoor Weddings

Checklist for Guests Attending Outdoor Weddings

Wedding season is upon us and chances are there’s a wedding or two on your calendar scheduled for this summer.

If you’re attending an outdoor wedding this summer, there are a few things you’ll want to do in order to prepare.

Consider Your Wardrobe

Outdoor weddings are often relatively casual, be sure to read the invitation to see if you do need to be in black tie attire. If it doesn’t specify, women can probably get away with a nice, comfortable sundress and men can feel comfortable in a slacks and a button down.

Remember that it might be hot in the sun but it tends to cool down at night. Make sure to bring layers with you in case you need them. Women should carry a light cardigan and men should bring a light sports coat or a dressier, lighter jacket.

Ladies, remember that stilettos and grass never mix. If the ceremony will be on a lawn, opt for a wedge or flat heel instead.

Consider the Weather

Make sure to be checking the forecast on a regular basis before the wedding. If rain is in the forecast, make sure to bring an umbrella or two along with a raincoat. Hopefully the bride and groom have a “rain plan” but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

The seats at the ceremony space can also get damp from morning dew or rain: bring a small hand towel to wipe down your seat so that you can be comfortable and dry for the ceremony.

Keep Hydrated

Outdoor weddings can get hot and humid, and although you might enjoy a few cocktails, it is so important to stay hydrated as well. Carry a bottle of water with you if possible, especially for the ceremony when it could be a few hours before you get to enjoy any refreshments. Make sure to drink a significant amount of water during the reception as well, especially if you’re a dancer!

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, make sure you have a plan in the event that it does rain. Considering renting a tent from Action Tents in order to shelter yourselves, your bridal party, and your guests from rain.