Celebrating a Birthday? Plan a Harvest Carnival

Wedding season never winds down for us at Action Tents, and neither does the busy birthday season. Are you planning a friend or family member’s party? Feeling a little uninspired?

Get creative this fall and throw them a harvest carnival! Here’s how to do it.

Create Fun Stations

Celebrating a Birthday? Plan a Harvest CarnivalCarnivals are hubs of fun activity; they offer attendees a little taste of everything, from face painting to horse rides and delicious carnival snacks. Organize activity stations so that your guests are at liberty to walk around the event and drop in where they desire. Set up the face painting station near the cotton candy or popcorn station, so that guests have goodies to munch on while they are waiting to have their faces painted! Add autumn snacks like candy corn and caramel apples, too.

Protect Guests from the Elements

It’s always a gamble when you’re planning an outdoor event. You’re never sure where the weather’s temperament will shift. Your best plan of coverage is a simple tent installation. A tent will protect your guests against the sweltering rays of the sun, a blustery day, or a spontaneous rain shower. Tent siding provides even further protection against the elements and allows you to go about your day worry-free.

Switch up the Seating

Many people don’t think about how the dynamics at a party can change with the seating layout. Just like at a wedding reception, where brides and grooms usually place hold seats for guests at tables, you can do the same for a larger birthday celebration in a different way. If you’re going to set up a few activity stations as mentioned above, you can stage seating around them to create more interpersonal environments. Encourage your guests to have fun not just at the event itself, but with each other!

Be the talk of the town by throwing an unforgettable birthday celebration; call on Action Tents at 931-359-0024 today and we’ll help you with your tent rental!