Celebrate this Summer with a Tent Rental

Summer is the season for parties, and you know what that means: hot and sweaty friends and relatives complaining about the heat of the sun and coolers full of melted ice. But wait a minute – with the help of Action Tents, throwing a party in the summer heat doesn’t have to be like that! With our great selection of tents, you can throw a backyard bash with plenty of cool shade for your party guests to enjoy.

Whether you’re throwing a graduation party or celebrating a wedding, you’ve got to have a tent, and our available tent rentals can go a long way towards transforming your backyard into a party oasis.

Tent RentalsIf you’re going for a casual backyard theme, our pole tents are perfect for you. They provide a fun, shady place to hang out without blocking the view of the rest of the party. These tents are easy to erect and take down, and are a necessary addition to any outdoor party.

For the fancier affair, like a backyard wedding or a college reunion, we offer frame tents as well. Frame tents are a little easier to install on uneven ground, so if your backyard is slightly sloped, this is the tent for you. Plus, there’s no pole in the center, so you’ll be able to optimize the seating opportunities underneath.

If you’re worried about weather, you can add sides to any of our tents to protect your guests from the wind and rain. Plus, Action Tents also offers chair rentals, table rentals and dance floor rentals for your other party rental needs – no matter what you need, we’ve got everything to ensure you have a great outdoor occasion this summer!

No matter the event, a backyard bash is simply not complete without a tent. A tent offers guests reprieve from the hot sun, while creating a natural place for party people to congregate and mingle. To secure a tent rental for your upcoming party, or if you have any questions about our products and services, call us today at 931-359-0024!