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Supplies You Need for an Outdoor Wedding

outdoor wedding with tables and chairs and wedding tents

If you’re hosting a large backyard outdoor wedding, you’re going to need to go through plenty of planning and preparation, so that this day is special.  You’ll need all the supplies you can get for a perfect wedding day. Wedding Tents Renting a proper tent is tricky because you’ll have to make sure you have… Read more »

What to Know About Renting a Wedding Tent

Outdoor Wedding Tent

Imagine saying, “I do” against a stunning backdrop lined with mountain ranges and fluffy white clouds. Or, picture yourself holding your partner close during your first dance while a gorgeous pink and purple sunset puts on a show behind you. Outdoor weddings certainly have their natural perks, which draw many couples to search for venues… Read more »

Expert Advice for Planning a Tented Wedding

Wedding Tent Rental in Nashville TN

Tented weddings let you design your venue from the ground up, adding in flairs of your personality. Guests can enjoy the outdoors while feeling comfortable and protected from the sun and other elements. Adding a tent to your wedding creates an atmosphere of class and elegance, allowing nature to be a part of your décor…. Read more »

How to Decorate Your Wedding Tent Like a Professional

Decorated Wedding Tent in Tennessee

Renting a wedding tent is a great choice for an outdoor wedding. It protects your guests from elements like sun and rain while giving them an attractive space to mingle, eat and dance in. Of course, you don’t want to leave your tent plain and unadorned, do you? Here’s how to decorate your wedding tent… Read more »

Save Money on Your Wedding Ceremony by Renting

Save Money on Your Wedding Ceremony by Renting

Tennessee has the perfect weather for outdoor weddings because of the state’s mild climate year-round. If you’ve decided to hold your wedding outdoors, you’re probably ready to move forward in planning the event, including what to buy. There are a few essentials that you do not need to buy, however. Renting these key items will… Read more »

Choosing Between a Frame Tent and Pole Tent Rental

Choosing Between a Frame Tent and Pole Tent Rental

If you’ve chosen to hold your wedding reception or event outdoors, you’ve made a bold but exciting choice. We’ve mentioned in previous blog posts the benefits of holding an outdoor event or wedding ceremony, but now we’d like to help you in deciding what kind of tent you should rent for these special occasions. Pole… Read more »

Benefits of a Tent Wedding

If you are planning an outdoor wedding for the upcoming wedding season, there are many things that need to be considered. All good outdoor weddings start with a tent, which can serve as a practical, whimsical, and unique wedding venue with many benefits. Protect Against Weather There is one very obvious reason to rent a tent… Read more »

Make Your Wedding Unique With Action Tents

Tent for Outdoor Weddings

When you’re planning a wedding, there are about a million things you need to make decisions about. Where will the ceremony take place? How long will your cocktail hour be and what drinks will be included? What kind of décor do you want to have? But when it comes to deciding on the tent for… Read more »

The Night Before The Wedding – Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal Dinner

It’s the day before the big day, all of the family is in town for your wedding and you can hardly wait to get the festivities underway. Of course, as is tradition it is always best to start with a rehearsal dinner to make sure that you treat your guests to a lovely dinner the… Read more »

Wedding Reception – Cocktail Party Hour

Wedding Reception - Cocktail Party Hour

The biggest moment of your life has just been concluded, you have finished your wedding ceremony, said your “I do’s” and kissed your significant other. And now it is time to celebrate that ceremony and marital union by eating and drinking in preparation for more eating, drinking and dancing later on. The cocktail party hour… Read more »