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Watch The March Madness Tourney With All Your Friends

March Madness Tourney

It’s time for March Madness – the greatest few weeks of the year when 68 college basketball teams vie for the title of NCAA national champions. And there’s really nothing more fun than getting together with your friends and watching the games and cheering for your team and for your bracket. However often times when… Read more »

Procure A Tent For Your Children’s Birthday This Year

Tent Children’s Birthday

This is the year your kid asks you to do something different for their birthday and you want to give them a fun and exciting party. The problem is what to do? There are so many options ranging from petting zoos to carnivals to ball games that it’s almost impossible to choose. But what if… Read more »

Celebrate “Erin Go Bragh” With A St. Patrick’s Day Tent

St. Patrick’s Day Tent

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner so it is never too early to start planning what you’re going to do to throw the best party of the year. Where will you hold it, what will you serve, who will you invite, will you have it the weekend before or after the 17th (it… Read more »

Don’t Leave Your Beer And Bacon Festival Guests Uncovered

Beer And Bacon Festival

What is better than putting the two together and having a festival to celebrate this perfect marriage? Well, nothing that I can think of! Plus the best way to chase the winter blues is to beat it with your favorite substances. Of course, that’s a problem, though, in the winter it is cold out and… Read more »

Find A Place For Hot Chocolate And Warmth When You Host An Ice Skating Event

Ice Skating Event

During the winter season, there’s nothing quite like lacing up a pair of skates with friends or loved ones and hitting a rink to do some skating. And in winter especially there’s something quite exhilarating about experiencing a skate outside. However, skating on ice outside during the winter can leave you quite cold, even if… Read more »

Looking For A Unique, Romantic Solution For Valentine’s Day?

Romantic Solution For Valentine’s Day

It’s nearly February 14th which means it’s time for yet another Valentine’s Day. A day to show your significant other how much you truly care by doing something nice for them and for yourself but what can you do? Romantic dinner for two? A night out on the town? A movie or a show? All… Read more »

The Night Before The Wedding – Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal Dinner

It’s the day before the big day, all of the family is in town for your wedding and you can hardly wait to get the festivities underway. Of course, as is tradition it is always best to start with a rehearsal dinner to make sure that you treat your guests to a lovely dinner the… Read more »

Wedding Reception – Cocktail Party Hour

Wedding Reception - Cocktail Party Hour

The biggest moment of your life has just been concluded, you have finished your wedding ceremony, said your “I do’s” and kissed your significant other. And now it is time to celebrate that ceremony and marital union by eating and drinking in preparation for more eating, drinking and dancing later on. The cocktail party hour… Read more »

Heat Up The Links This Off-season

Heat Up The Links This Offseason

People love golfing. It’s as simple as that. People will golf in any condition in any terrain in any surface in any time of year. Why not winter golfing as well? As long as it is not too windy or too snowy there’s no reason you cannot find a sunny day to enjoy a round… Read more »

How To Showcase Your Art In The Park

How To Showcase Your Art In The Park

Holding art shows in the park is one of the best ways for local artists to get recognized by the public for their incredibly original ideas. This is because the park draws lots of people who might not even be interested in art unlike setting up in a studio that might restrict who shows up…. Read more »