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Tips on a Successful Outdoor Wedding

Wedding Planning

Throwing an outdoor wedding this summer and not sure where to start? Here are some tips from Action Tents on how to throw a successful and beautiful outdoor wedding. Ceremony If you’re holding the wedding ceremony outside in the sun, provide your guests with umbrellas or post your wedding program on fans, per BuzzFeed’s suggestion!… Read more »

Four Reasons to Rent a Tent for Outdoor Events

Top 5 Reasons Your Event is Better with a Tent

The summer season is right around the corner, which means that it is time for some fun and festive outdoor events. Whether you are having a wedding, a street fair or an Easter egg hunt, the outdoors will soon be the place to be. As you prepare for your spring, summer and even fall festivities,… Read more »

Planning Ahead for Graduation Season

Spring and summer are coming up fast, which also means the warmer weather season and outdoor events. Now is the time to begin planning for future events, such as graduation parties. If you have a high school or college grad you’ll be celebrating this year, which means you need to start preparing and get all… Read more »

Get All You Need for Your 2017 Reunion

Pole Tent Rentals

No matter what the occasion, reunions are a great way to get together and catch up with people closest to you. Even though we might be just heading into the new year, it’s not too early to start planning your reunion in 2017. If you’re planning on holding your event outside, Action Tents can help… Read more »

Celebrate this Summer with a Tent Rental

Summer is the season for parties, and you know what that means: hot and sweaty friends and relatives complaining about the heat of the sun and coolers full of melted ice. But wait a minute – with the help of Action Tents, throwing a party in the summer heat doesn’t have to be like that!… Read more »

Protect Your Woodworking And Carpentry Works From The Elements

Whether you’re a paid professional or just a regular homeowner looking to get some work done quickly you have to do your best and do it as quickly as possible. That means getting it done no matter what the weather is like – rain, snow or bright sunshine. And because of this, it would behoove… Read more »

Find A Place For Hot Chocolate And Warmth When You Host An Ice Skating Event

Ice Skating Event

During the winter season, there’s nothing quite like lacing up a pair of skates with friends or loved ones and hitting a rink to do some skating. And in winter especially there’s something quite exhilarating about experiencing a skate outside. However, skating on ice outside during the winter can leave you quite cold, even if… Read more »

The Night Before The Wedding – Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal Dinner

It’s the day before the big day, all of the family is in town for your wedding and you can hardly wait to get the festivities underway. Of course, as is tradition it is always best to start with a rehearsal dinner to make sure that you treat your guests to a lovely dinner the… Read more »

5 Sensible Tips For Planning A Party (Infographic)

5 Sensible Tips For Planning A Party Guest

If you’ve begun to put your party ideas on paper, but still find yourself not being able to settle on decorations, guests, food or anything else pertaining to the party, then this blog’s for you. Remember that your planning of the event doesn’t have to take over your life or consume every piece of paper… Read more »

Stay Warm While Sledding With A Hot Beverage Tent

Stay Warm While Sledding With A Hot Beverage Tent

Winter is nearly here which means the snow will follow soon after that. And one of the best parts about winter is getting to play outside in the snow. More specifically getting to go out to a park or playground or school yard with a hill and take your sled and go down it for… Read more »