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Football Tailgating Party

Football Tailgating Party

The sport of Football is in full swing. Sunday’s are football days, where you can gather all your friends and family together and root for your team as they take on a division rival. Nothing is more fun than having a tailgating atmosphere with these friends prior to the game and everyone bringing some sweet… Read more »

Outdoor Halloween Party

Outdoor Halloween Party

It’s almost the end of October and that means that Halloween is going to be on everyone’s mind. There are spooky, scary decorations in all the stores. Kids will be looking to have their costumes all set up to Trick-or-Treat and the adults are looking to get together with friends, dress up and have some… Read more »

Golf League Party

Golf League Party

Most golfers can’t wait to get their clubs out and start the season. Pretending to be Tiger Woods, shagging balls and trying to remember how many shots it took to get to the green. Aggravation over losing a ball, slicing one into the woods or pretending they don’t spend as much time in the sand… Read more »

Tent Rentals for Back to School Events

The new school year is fast approaching and this time always brings joy and jitters to new and returning students as well as faculty. One of the most important components to a successful school year is to create a “community” atmosphere where everyone works together to reach the school’s goals for achievement. One way to… Read more »

Buffet Style Wedding vs. a Plated Dinner Wedding

When you sit down to plan out the finer details of your wedding reception, there is one all-encompassing decision that impacts all others: buffet-style or plated dinner? Once you know the type of arrangement you’ll need to accommodate your guests, you’ll find that other details begin to quickly fall into place. But how do you… Read more »

Table Options and Ideas for Weddings and Events

Once you have the tent picked out for your event, whether you choose a framed or pole tent you are going to have to choose the tables and chairs to go along with it. Traditionally for weddings and formal events, people choose round tables that seat between 6 and 14 people, but there are other… Read more »

Outdoor party time!

It’s that time of the year, again.  Warm weather and sunshine take over Tennessee, and you know what that means—outdoor parties! Whether you know someone who is graduating from school, or know a couple that is getting married, outdoor parties are a great time to gather together friends and family when the weather is beautiful… Read more »

5 Reasons to Have Cocktail Tables at Your Next Party

Bistro Table Rentals

When most people think of a party table, they often imagine a long banquet style table, or a smaller dining table that guests are seated at to eat a meal. However, there is a different type of table that could serve most parties well – a cocktail table. Cocktail tables are often overlooked when planning… Read more »

Creating the Perfect Wedding Gift Table

When it comes to decorating your wedding gift table, there are a few simple things to keep in mind. While there may be no right or wrong way of doing things, we have a few tips to help your table look beautiful and inviting. First of all, one of the most important things you can… Read more »

Tips For Choosing a Caterer

Having the right caterer for your event (wedding, corporate retreat, etc) is a big deal. It sets the tone for the entire event! The wrong caterer can put a damper on the day, as many guests will expect a memorable meal. That’s why you should take certain steps toward finding the right caterer for you!… Read more »