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The Benefits of Having a Backyard Wedding

backyard wedding ideas

A backyard wedding can be a difficult task to handle. There comes quite a bit of responsibility, but it’s always worth it in the end. There is something special about having an intimate wedding in a lovely backyard with your close friends and family. There is a sense of home! No Extra Venue Cost There… Read more »

The Essentials for Your Fall Wedding

Rustic Fall Wedding

If you love the fall, you would be remiss to leave the season out of your wedding plans. From the comfortable temperatures and crisp blue skies to the intermittent breezes and star-filled nights, fall is a great season to consider for your wedding. Here are a few essentials to add into your autumn wedding celebration…. Read more »

Keep Guests Warm at Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor Wedding Tips

Autumn weddings can be quite glamorous and colorful leaves provide the perfect backdrop for a celebration of love. If you’re planning a fall wedding, you need to think about how to keep guests warm as temperatures start to cool. The Perfect Tent If you’re looking to create a cozy atmosphere at your wedding reception, we… Read more »