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Surprise Party Tips

Surprise Party Tips

Who doesn’t love surprise parties? For those who enjoy the entertainment and element of the surprise, throwing a surprise party can be a delightful experience. Not always is that consistent with the reaction from the surprised, though the party itself is for celebratory purposes and fun. You can throw many different types of surprise parties;… Read more »

Football Tailgating Party

Football Tailgating Party

The sport of Football is in full swing. Sunday’s are football days, where you can gather all your friends and family together and root for your team as they take on a division rival. Nothing is more fun than having a tailgating atmosphere with these friends prior to the game and everyone bringing some sweet… Read more »

Golf League Party

Golf League Party

Most golfers can’t wait to get their clubs out and start the season. Pretending to be Tiger Woods, shagging balls and trying to remember how many shots it took to get to the green. Aggravation over losing a ball, slicing one into the woods or pretending they don’t spend as much time in the sand… Read more »

Party Planning: Event Extras

Party Planning: Event Extras

Everyone loves parties of all occasions, but what can separate your party from the rest and cause an emotional attachment. Make your event one for all to remember or co-workers to look at you and say, “thanks for making this the most enjoyable time I’ve had in a while!” An outdoor venue was acquired; a… Read more »

Tent Rentals for Back to School Events

The new school year is fast approaching and this time always brings joy and jitters to new and returning students as well as faculty. One of the most important components to a successful school year is to create a “community” atmosphere where everyone works together to reach the school’s goals for achievement. One way to… Read more »

A Convenient Option For Your Wedding Day

Waterfront Tent Rental TN

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming experience. Things can quickly become chaotic as you are trying to set up the perfect venue to accommodate your guests. Little nuances such as having the right amount of tables and chairs can promptly go from an afterthought to a top priority in the days leading up to… Read more »

Tackling the Seating Chart

Long Tables for Events

Now that you have your venue picked out, the guest list finalized and most of the responses back, it is time to tackle the hard part, the seating chart! Speaking from experience, the seating chart can be one of the most stressful aspects of planning a wedding. Questions such as, how many people do we… Read more »

How to fill the dance floor

Everyone loves a reception or special event. From weddings, where guests enjoy seeing two people celebrate their love for each other, to graduation parties where friends gather to say goodbye to one chapter and hello to the next; coming together for the purpose of rejoicing is one of the many things that family and friends… Read more »

5 Reasons to Have Cocktail Tables at Your Next Party

Bistro Table Rentals

When most people think of a party table, they often imagine a long banquet style table, or a smaller dining table that guests are seated at to eat a meal. However, there is a different type of table that could serve most parties well – a cocktail table. Cocktail tables are often overlooked when planning… Read more »

Hosting An Unforgettable Outdoor Party For Your Child

A child’s birthday is a big deal, and parents only have so many years to throw a special celebration before their child “outgrows” the attention. Birthday parties can range from themed events to laid-back affairs with just the basics. One of the best places to host a birthday party is outdoors where you have ample… Read more »