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Benefits of a Tent Wedding

If you are planning an outdoor wedding for the upcoming wedding season, there are many things that need to be considered. All good outdoor weddings start with a tent, which can serve as a practical, whimsical, and unique wedding venue with many benefits. Protect Against Weather There is one very obvious reason to rent a tent… Read more »

Planning Ahead for Graduation Season

Spring and summer are coming up fast, which also means the warmer weather season and outdoor events. Now is the time to begin planning for future events, such as graduation parties. If you have a high school or college grad you’ll be celebrating this year, which means you need to start preparing and get all… Read more »

Get All You Need for Your 2017 Reunion

Pole Tent Rentals

No matter what the occasion, reunions are a great way to get together and catch up with people closest to you. Even though we might be just heading into the new year, it’s not too early to start planning your reunion in 2017. If you’re planning on holding your event outside, Action Tents can help… Read more »

Get the Serving Space You Need for the Holidays

Thanksgiving Dinner Spread

If you have a large family and you’re hosting them during the holiday season, chances are you don’t have everything necessary to handle the number of people that will be at your home. The food you might be able to control, but where is everyone going to sit and eat? Action Tents offers table and… Read more »

Get the Tents You Need for a Fall Festival

Can you believe that the summer is nearly over? That means it’s time to start thinking about your fall festivals and other celebrations. Planning a fall festival requires a lot of planning. Whether you’re planning to celebrate the season with a fall-themed block party, hosting a seasonal corporate event, or are throwing a Halloween soirée,… Read more »

Celebrate this Summer with a Tent Rental

Summer is the season for parties, and you know what that means: hot and sweaty friends and relatives complaining about the heat of the sun and coolers full of melted ice. But wait a minute – with the help of Action Tents, throwing a party in the summer heat doesn’t have to be like that!… Read more »

Tents For Fundraising In Tennessee

Tents For Fundraising In Tennessee

With the school year back in session that means it is fundraiser season! And every time there’s any sort of fundraising event going on there definitely needs to be a tent from Action Tents there as well! Why? Well you need multiple booths for multiple events and now that it is closing in on fall… Read more »

Not All Tent Events Have To Be Setup Outdoors

Not All Tent Events Have To Be Setup Outdoors

You might think tents are just for outdoor events, but did you know you can use them to spruce up an indoor event as well? Yes, tents can be used to help create a different style inside a building. Whether you’re looking to add something extra to an indoor event or just add a different… Read more »

Have An Outdoor Dog Show, Rent A Tent

Have An Outdoor Dog Show, Rent A Tent

Dogs are great; mostly everyone loves having a dog or at least playing with one. And who doesn’t enjoy flipping on the dog show for a few minutes while the Lions get blown out during the first Thanksgiving football game? While it may not be the National Dog Show you see annually on TV there… Read more »

Stay Healthy At The Health Fair With A Tent

Stay Healthy At The Health Fair With A Tent

Being healthy is good. Yes, that’s a massive understatement but it can’t really be reiterated enough. In our everyday lives we do everything we can to stay healthy, whether it’s eating right, exercising, or just avoiding bad habits in general. All of these good things, and more, can be wrapped up into one very convenient… Read more »