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Using A Tent For Your Business

Nothing makes a bigger statement that your business has something important going on like a huge tent set up outside. Imagine your parking lot filled with customers as they pour into the large tent, eagerly looking through your merchandise. It’s a very real scenario that Action Tents can help you create! Outdoor tents are perfect… Read more »

Event Planning Tips

Events are a fun way to bring people together. That said, a good event takes proper planning, often weeks or even months in advance. Here are some basic questions to ask yourself when planning an event: What is the purpose of the event? Where will it take place? How will I let people know about… Read more »

Planning Your Wedding: Indoor or Outdoor?

As far as important days go, a wedding, for the bride, groom and their loved ones, is pretty close to the top of the list. This is why as momentous and enjoyable as a wedding is, they can be awfully stressful to plan. One of the most critical choices to make is location, and whether… Read more »

Hosting An Unforgettable Outdoor Party For Your Child

A child’s birthday is a big deal, and parents only have so many years to throw a special celebration before their child “outgrows” the attention. Birthday parties can range from themed events to laid-back affairs with just the basics. One of the best places to host a birthday party is outdoors where you have ample… Read more »

Tips For Choosing a Caterer

Having the right caterer for your event (wedding, corporate retreat, etc) is a big deal. It sets the tone for the entire event! The wrong caterer can put a damper on the day, as many guests will expect a memorable meal. That’s why you should take certain steps toward finding the right caterer for you!… Read more »

Guidelines for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Planning a wedding outdoors? Action Tents can supply the proper coverage, in the form of tents, so your guests don’t have to worry too much about inclement weather or overbearing sunshine. Besides wind, rain, and even occasional flurries (depending on the time of the year), you should consider many things when planning an outdoor wedding…. Read more »

How Different Tent Options can Improve Your Outdoor Event

A tent is more than just a tent when it comes to your event. A tent has to look pleasing to the eye, and depending on your event and your budget, it can feature several “add-ons” to make it a more luxurious, comfortable place to party. First up, most people have seen white tents. Did… Read more »