outdoor wedding decorations

The Top Outdoor Wedding Trends of 2019

As the weather in Nashville switches from cold and frosty to warm and sunny, outdoor weddings instantly become the norm. With so many places to choose from in the beautiful state of Tennessee, outdoor weddings are the perfect choice for newlyweds. Ready to throw the trendiest, classiest outdoor wedding this year? 2019 Outdoor Wedding Trends… Read more »

Beautiful Wedding Table

3 Expert Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Linens

They cover your wedding tables and chairs, add personality and flair to your reception, and protect guests from spills and stains: it’s safe to say that linens play an important role on wedding day! Though it may seem like one of the minor details of your big day, wedding linens actually contribute a lot to… Read more »

Wedding Planning Tips

5 Tips to Stay Organized When Planning Your Wedding

There’s a reason why they call weddings ‘the big day’ – because well, it is! It’s a day full of celebration, but also a day that comes with a lot of planning and preparation–endless details, timelines, stress, and likely some family drama.  All that aside, organization is key to making your big day a success…. Read more »

Outdoor Wedding Tent

What to Know About Renting a Wedding Tent

Imagine saying, “I do” against a stunning backdrop lined with mountain ranges and fluffy white clouds. Or, picture yourself holding your partner close during your first dance while a gorgeous pink and purple sunset puts on a show behind you. Outdoor weddings certainly have their natural perks, which draw many couples to search for venues… Read more »

Wedding Seating Chart

How to Make the Perfect Wedding Seating Chart (Without the Stress)

Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of wedding planning is creating the wedding seating chart for the reception. From deciding where to place guests and what type of tables to use, to figuring out who should sit with whom, seating charts have a way of causing some unnecessary pre-wedding stress. However, if you follow… Read more »

Winter Wedding Ideas in Nashville

Essentials to Cozy Up Your Winter Wedding

Is your winter wedding right around the corner? When chilly weather hits, it can be hard to figure out what will help keep your guests comfortable. Here are a few essentials that will transform your wedding into a cozy winter wonderland! Have blankets galore There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a blanket to get… Read more »

Questions to Ask Wedding Venue

Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Recently engaged? Congratulations! You may be ready to dive headfirst into picking your location, but before you do, here are a few must-ask questions for your prospective wedding venue. How many events does the venue hold each day? When picking a venue, you’re going to want to make sure that they are not holding a… Read more »

Wedding Tent Rental in Nashville TN

Expert Advice for Planning a Tented Wedding

Tented weddings let you design your venue from the ground up, adding in flairs of your personality. Guests can enjoy the outdoors while feeling comfortable and protected from the sun and other elements. Adding a tent to your wedding creates an atmosphere of class and elegance, allowing nature to be a part of your décor…. Read more »

Bride and Groom at Outdoor Wedding

Planning an Outdoor Wedding: Common Mistakes Every Bride Makes

For many brides, their dream wedding would be in the great outdoors, surrounded by the beauty of nature with a big open space to roam. And yes, there are several things to consider before planning your outdoor wedding that you need to keep in mind, but most importantly is that you should learn from the… Read more »

Rustic Fall Wedding

The Essentials for Your Fall Wedding

If you love the fall, you would be remiss to leave the season out of your wedding plans. From the comfortable temperatures and crisp blue skies to the intermittent breezes and star-filled nights, fall is a great season to consider for your wedding. Here are a few essentials to add into your autumn wedding celebration…. Read more »