Pole Tent Rentals

Is a Pole Tent or a Frame Tent Rental Best for Your Event?

When you need a tent rental, the biggest decision you’ll have to make is deciding between a pole or a frame tent. There are some strengths and weaknesses that come with choosing one structure over the other. However, one option is likely to serve your event better. Let’s take a look at how the two… Read more »

Wedding Rental Tents and Accessories

4 Great Ways to Accessorize Your Rental Tent

No matter the event, whether it’s a wedding reception or a company lunch-in, your rental tent will provide shelter from inclement weather conditions and make your event feel more comfortable for your guests. One way that you can take your tent rental to the next level is by accessorizing it! Here are a few ways… Read more »

Planning Your Wedding Reception

4 Tips for Deciding Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Are you recently engaged? Congratulations! Once you’ve said yes, it’s now time to make one of the most important decisions you’ll make after your proposal, choosing your wedding venue. To help you decide, here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing your perfect wedding location. Choosing the Right Wedding Date Before choosing… Read more »

sidewalls for your tent

4 Different Sidewall Options for Your Party Tent

As you get ready for your big event, you’ll want to make sure that you are prepared for all conditions, so that there are no surprises on your special day. After you pick out your tent, to keep you and your guests covered, the next step is to pick out the accessories. One important feature… Read more »

Popular Dance Floor Choices for Weddings

How to Choose the Right Dance Floor for Your Wedding?

If you’re ever attended a wedding, you know that a large portion of the night is dedicated to singing and dancing with your guests. Weddings allow everyone to show off their best dance moves. For your guests to show off their moves, you’ll first have to provide a dance floor. If your venue doesn’t already… Read more »

Hiring a Tent Rental Company for a Wedding

The Benefits of Working With One Event Rental Company

There is a lot that goes into the behind the scenes of planning an event. Including creating the guest list, preparing a budget, and planning the setup. The planning process can be even more intense if you don’t already have the necessary equipment such as tables, chairs, tablecloths, and, most importantly, a tent. If you… Read more »

Outdoor Rental Tents for Events

Tips for Creating a Stress-Free Outdoor Event

Whether you’re planning for a wedding, family reunion, or another outdoor event, we know that you want to make this day special. If your goal is to host a memorable event, but you’re worried about the uncontrollable details like the weather, we’re here to help! Here are some of our best tips for planning a… Read more »

outdoor wedding in a garden

Outdoor vs Indoor Wedding Reception

Having an outdoor wedding can be very special, but it all depends on weather. Of course, you’re going to want to plan it out perfectly for an outdoor reception, but if it works out the right way, it can be one for the books. Indoor wedding receptions are much easier and safer because you don’t… Read more »

live wedding band for wedding reception

Why You Should Hire a Live Band Over a DJ

A tough decision can be picking the music for your wedding. There are many benefits to both a DJ or a live band, but it depends on what suits you better and what your guests might prefer. We want to make it easier for you to make a decision on the entertainment for your special… Read more »

Fall wedding tent rental

You can Still Have an Outdoor Reception in the Fall

Outdoor tent receptions for weddings are always fun because they give you much more space for people to gather around. In Lewisburg, Tennessee, you can still manage to have a wedding reception outdoors in the late Fall. Weather is still decently warm, and you can go about putting several things together to make it comfortable… Read more »