5 Tips to Stay Organized When Planning Your Wedding

There’s a reason why they call weddings ‘the big day’ – because well, it is!

It’s a day full of celebration, but also a day that comes with a lot of planning and preparation–endless details, timelines, stress, and likely some family drama.  All that aside, organization is key to making your big day a success.

Wedding Planning Tips

Here are some tips to help you organize all the moving parts and fine details of your wedding!

1. Wedding planner – not the human, a notebook

Buy a notebook or calendar with extra pages to keep all your paperwork and dates organized and in one place. Collect ideas, vendor receipts, quotes, bills and important dates (dress fittings, etc.) all in one spot; that way nothing gets misplaced or forgotten.

2. All the data

Remember those excel classes from high school? Time to put those skills to good use!

From organizing your guest list to managing your budget, a spreadsheet will certainly help maintain order!

3. There’s an app for that!

In the days of digital tools, there are so many apps out there to help with planning.

Whether you’re just starting to plan your wedding, or you are getting down to the wire–there are over 25 different apps that can help you!

4. Share the responsibilities

Yes, it is the happy couple’s big day, but no reason to keep your bridal party in the dark on all the details. Try using a google share document to keep each other up-to-date, aware of the budget and guest list, and more!

5. Revamp your date night

Netflix and chill can still be a thing, but with a wedding to plan, setting up a time once a week to ‘check-in’ with your fiancé on the details can be a huge help. This will help reduce confusion and allow you both to give each other a task list or items to walk away with–a.k.a. “you call this vendor, I’ll check on this.”

It keeps the lines of communication open and sets yourself up for less arguments. Everyone wins!

Put these tips to good use as you plan your wedding and spare yourself the unnecessary stress. You’ll be thankful you did when your guests rave about how awesome your big day was!

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