3 Expert Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Linens

They cover your wedding tables and chairs, add personality and flair to your reception, and protect guests from spills and stains: it’s safe to say that linens play an important role on wedding day!

Though it may seem like one of the minor details of your big day, wedding linens actually contribute a lot to the look and feel of your wedding.

Here are some expert tips for choosing your wedding linens!

Beautiful Wedding Table1. Figure out your tables

Make renting linens a breeze by determining exactly what you need beforehand.

After finalizing your RSVPs, it’s time to figure out your tables. Once you have calculated the number of tables and have factored in the sizes and shapes that you want for your reception, you’ll be able to better determine the best linens for your event.

Remember to include non-guest tables in your count too, such as those for food, desserts, cocktails, cake, the DJ, etc.

2. Select your details

When it comes to your linens, be sure to choose a color, design and material that fits in with or gently complements your wedding color scheme.

Research your options and pick linens that match the aesthetic of your wedding. Popular choices include satin, cotton, and polyester with design elements like lace or tulle.

3. Mix styles or patterns

Wedding linens offer intrigue and style to your big day. Add dimension to your wedding linens by using two to three different complimentary styles rather than focusing on one primary style.

Try mixing patterns and tie in neutral colors where appropriate.

During the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, be sure to remember one thing: if you plan on renting, rent entirely from one company. It will be easier on your wallet and your stress levels to know that all of your tents, tables, chairs, and linens are in the hands of one company that you trust, so that you don’t have to organize a bunch of different moving parts.

At Action Tents, we offer gorgeous table linens that will fit your wedding tables and add to your theme seamlessly. Give us a call at 931-359-0024 today to learn more about renting with us!