2014 Tent Year in Review

2015 is upon us, which means another year of tent related activities has passed us by! But this is not an occasion for sorrow, no, instead this is a chance to look back at all of the exciting, new, and practical tent ideas this past year has given us!

When you think of a large outdoor tent the first thing that probably comes to mind is a wedding and Action Tents certainly caters to wedding events. Tables, chairs, and dance floors are all products Action Tents provides in addition to tents, of course! With Action Tents you don’t just get one wedding tent option. Besides the ever elegant pole tent, Action Tents also provides a very cool alternative with the clear topped tent, so you can gaze up into the stars on your wedding night!

Party And Events Tips From 20142014 Tent Year in Review

In addition to weddings we learned that there are many more uses for tents! Parties of all kind use tents: birthday’s, tailgating, New Year’s Eve, Labor Day, Halloween and surprise parties. Special events like comedy shows, concerts, golf league gatherings, casino and gambling nights, or back to school events also need tents. Miscellaneous events like a yard sale also would require a tent to help shield the elements.

In 2015 Action Tents will continue to provide tents, tables, chairs, and dance floors for all of the special days, events, and parties that make our lives so great. And we will do so with the same expert knowledge and service we’ve provided since their beginning in 1993, for more information contact Action Tents today!

Happy New Year!


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